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If I find it soiled with any drool, tears, snot, vomit, urine, faeces or sexual fluids then you will be severely punished, starting with an extension to your period of storage.

If she is loyal, humble, respectful, works hard and looks pretty then it will please me and I will be merciful but the slightest failure and she will be back immobilised, and a second offence will be for twice as long and the time will double for every failure.

The book description on Amazon is as follows: Message me if you are interested Please remember it is my fantasy to be this maid and be enslaved and brutalised.

I will draw the curtain now because I am sick of the sight of you. Nude sex cam. You can see from the cloth she has been squirming until she has realised that if she continues she will fall off.

He spent my money, goofed off, and freeloaded, but demanded sex and expected me to keep the house! Simply Prissy Sissy by evi. Pictures of sissy maids. The only things she can move freely are her eyes and eye-lids.

I could do this all night long! She enjoyed it so much that she will be there next Friday night and encourages all maids to do the same! Over here Sweety - three rusty nails, two long island ice teas, and a brandy alexander, and oh yes, can the bouncers take the one that went under the table after the last round back to her room.

I might unveil you briefly or exhibit you to encourage trainee maids to work harder.

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I will draw the curtain now because I am sick of the sight of you. Free nude ladies photos. I imagine she is under strict control and worked hard for long hours with little or no reward. You couldnt be happier could you?

If that happens, she knows that tied like she is, she will quite likely break several bones and dislocate joints and damage lots of soft tissue. Everlicking I think all sissy girls have fantasized about dressing up in a sexy maids outfit and serving someone at some time in their life.

I could do this all night long! Slowly her hunger, thirst and her need to visit the toilet will build and she has no idea when her tether will be released. Pictures of sissy maids. Fully transformed and ready to serve via sissysnow. You have found this website because with literally no money, I have made this one of the top sissy websites in the world. I am creative very creative. Wild sexy woman. People often pretend I know and I expect you will never believe me, but for me it is actually happening, It takes a great deal of mutual trust and we are both giving up things to make our shared fantasy happen.

You will ride my horse, I call him Vlad by the way, until I am sure you have learned your lesson. Possibly elsewhere her ruler enjoys the thought of her standing and waiting patiently, just like the fridge and all the other domestic appliances. Where Fantasy meets Reality My newest book gets into one of the more traditional sissy fantasies, the sissy school girl.

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The only things she can move freely are her eyes and eye-lids. I will draw the curtain now because I am sick of the sight of you. She is terrified of tottering on her high heels and dislocating her shoulders.

Sixth form schoolgirl- please reblog. View all All Photos Tagged sissymaid. Did Mistress have the chain tied up high so the prissy sissy had to bend forward? As you were too lazy to find more things which needed your gentle touch, then like any of my possessions which are not being used, you have been placed in storage.

Should we need anything as we play together all night. Pictures of sissy maids. You must not sleep otherwise you will injure yourself. DSC by trixie doll.

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