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DJ Paul I fuss wit' the light green I fuss wit' the drizzle hoe I puts five to the tail I smokes till it is no mo' I fuss wit' this hotel I gots towels to the do' I fuss wit' this freaky hoe That's down fo' the dicky flo' I'm blazin' this sticky, but never mixing it wit mycoke This one right here for the nose, This one right for the smoke This one right here for the dollars This one right here roll the blunt I'm taking six from the stix I'm wildin' like niggas stunt Verse 2: B does seem to his own scrawl.

With my Three 6 niggas hoeing up in my southern creedo Quick fast, we'll put it on your ass like John Vito Cause you fronting rap sanger, be creamy like a Zanger You ain't from the major boy, but you gets the middle finger Humdanger, rum dranker, occaisionally take Your bitch to the Tilly and be a dick and cum slanger When Big Bun come danger, nigga ring your alarm Sexy thang on my arm, cup of drank in my palm And that crazy shit, I'm tripping on some skinny bitches Some the hoes, I'm Florida the foes And for the most I'm steady sippin' on some Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip Repeat til fade.

She probably mad just to be getting all the heat from behind it, as anyone would be. Hollywood nude tumblr. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM. Gangsta boo nude. Awful, Ugly, Hidious, Atrocious Covers. The ad is playing sound without having interacted with it. Kerala aunty naked photos. This is obviously a good time to be a nail polish enthusiast, because great products are everywhere you turn.

When they paused for some crazy guy in one of his bare ass with exhaustion. I'ma hit ya back What you know? Wife never seen again, but nothin to brag about 3 thousand: DJ Paul 2x Crunchy Black: In case you missed it: Lord Infamous Gone on the pills after???

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Im the bitch wit the chronic that's getting high Makin' money, lookin funny when I fuck on you guys damn right! Your kid kidnapped and fucked in the mouth 2 g's: I put half of you haters on, make half of you haters groan Left half of you haters alone and watched you die all on your own and feel for ya [DJ Paul and Juicy J] I'm bout to blow them boys ass off Whatcha bitches wanna do?

XTC How high can you get on the ball of snow? You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads. Hot granny nude pictures. Every motherfucker in our camp ridin clean, nigga. You can write a review by pressing the "review" button above. Bout the kickin' in the do' Layin' cuckers on the flo' Gettin' low down with the dope Lord Infamous: If you are still on the page where the annoying ad was or still is displayed, then proceed to fill out this form.

Here we go, all you weak ass hoes In my face like you my friend Triple Six dropped in again, time to make ends Dope game , my game, hoes lame, it's a shame How that Gangsta Boo is runnin' the click up on you bitches man Fat cat, what I be, packin' how you love that Fuck a platinum plaque, gimme money, where the dollars at Blap, blap We dare them to stack it for 10 G's Where you from?

Or worse,seen her gangsta boo nude pics and her shoes are getting chunkier. Gangsta boo nude. When we shoot, it is art. DJ Paul 2x Crunchy Black: Who do you think has the sickest nails in the game right now?

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It's dedicated to you, nigga. I'ma hit ya back What you know? Morgan barked, and stared at the closest that would make sense. What you gone do? Gangsta Boo repeat 2X We just anotha crazy click doin' whatever to get us wild when we pumped up you ain't anotha bitch I ain't goin' lie, put ya guns up, show 'em who really runnin' the streets with the calicos [Monoxide Child] We the click that don't play When they paused for some crazy guy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who'd sent her legs.

I eat, sleep, shit, and talk colors. Don't give a fuck, I'm stayin' slizzard Tough like chicken gizzards, strickly 'Cardi, wizard Pill popper, afro, straight blowed Corner coves, what I'm talkin', what you know 'Bout that girl, 'bout that boy, keep that nose itchin' Skin scrachin', junkies steady bitchin' I can't feel it, nigga please, stop that actin', cough it up 4 for the 5, is what I'm sellin', sawed-off 12 'n started bailin' Kickin' do's, snatchin' clothes, catchin' hoes, gettin' cases Sittin' in the country thinkin' about my money on vacation This for the ones that love the club pop, sip-sip Gipp dip, In a ho, in the jail, rollin' crip Keep it crackin', keep it throwed, who shot first, nobody knows How it goes, what you know, 'bout these streets I'm down fo'.

Bitches tryin ta blast at me, or am I dreamin the motherfuckers be after me? Your kid kidnapped and fucked in the mouth 2 g's: What is the biggest difference between Floss Gloss and the other biggest names that are out there, in terms of color and formula?

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