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Tamz 9 Sep 10 Yeah, the word faggot, or the word gay, have taken on a new, totally non-homosexual meaning, but kids still know what they really mean. Helen hunt naked movie. She has a responsibility to behave in way that is becoming of the young accomplished woman she is. Stephanie rice ass. Come on, be honest now. I think I would prefer people in leadership positions to argue their case without stating their religion, skin colour or sexual orietation.

A kid i went to high school with in regional VIC was called a Faggot endlessly. Hot naked famous guys. So let me get this straight if you will forgive the pun you are going to be running an advertising agency, a large one at that, and you obvioulsy have no understanding of the power of language, or its impact on people not matter how old they may be — bit of a worry really…. Still loving the fact that she has a thread here.

Bing Site Web Enter search term: Guest Apr 11 , In fact you specifically state you only collect information that is of direct commercial interest to the company. And they made you CEO…. Hilarious moment hissing pet cat tries to evict an unwelcome urban fox that's taken over its bed Get outta my pub! He was harrased, intimidated and called poofter, faggot, homo ever derogitory name you could think of.

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Even then it would be awfully ignorant. Naked older lady pics. Neil Gardiner 9 Sep 10 I really wish people would look up the word homophobia. Perhaps both are true — although my own opion would differ on both. But we are not discussing the threats posed by Fundies on this blog.

Some with outrage, some with confusion. Stephanie rice ass. No matter what your age, you would know those words are not socially acceptable. Parents slam Christmas pantomime after 'smutty' Rapunzel mimes shaving her 'intimate area' in front of My argument is with Matt. Images from conflicts of the s Apr 11 , But her holiday season isn't quite over yet, as she revealed to her fans that she'll soon jet to New Zealand for a family vacation.

He needs you back in When community members submit a link, they also write a custom headline for the story. Family incest porn pictures. It must be difficult for them. As a Gen Y, I have to warn you that you may take this differently to that way I mean it:

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Do not defend its use. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. White male hetero 16 Sep 10 After odd posts the one question that has failed to be discussed or even raised — until now by Walkmethru — is the significance or meaning of why Mr Baxter chose this opportunity to announce his sexual orientation.

US and Canadian slang a stupid or boring person http: Tell me, just who was actually offended? Congrats on the new gig..! Or hates gay people? Paul Montgomery 9 Sep 10 Next week on Gruen: Dusk 9 Sep 10 I agree.

On your second point, you really think that stating a point of view on an issue being widely discussed by the public — and a point of view calling for understanding at that — will scare off conservative clients?

Kids are not stupid. Joe 9 Sep 10 Porch Monkeys http:

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